Idle Island Tycoon: Survival 2.1.1

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Idle Island Tycoon: Survival 2.1.1

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Idle Island Tycoon: Survival 2.1.1







4.4 and up


December 9, 2021


Unlimited Materials & Diamonds

🌴The history of Idle Island Tycoon is really simple: The Apocalypse is a reality in this idle adventure and now it’s your time to to survive in an tycoon island while you gather resources to travel and discover new lands!🌴

Discover this new tycoon game where you will have to take care of a group of survivalists who were able to escape from the apocalypse! Pay attention to the food of your survivors and also try to gather all the resources that you can because you will need to travel with your idle boat in order to discover new islands!

Build a complete camping tycoon with a lot of different buildings that will help you to feed your survivors but also to build new idle ships to prosper and make your island bigger. We know that survival games are not the easiest games but you don’t have to worry about this one because we are just mixing an idle game with some survival mechanics!

The goal of this idle game is to improve the situation of your survivalists after they suffered the apocalypse and you will have 3 ways mainly to help them to survive and prosper in this idle island:

🔎Trying to find new survivalists while you explore the island. You will need to explore new zones of the island in order to build new buildings to produce material and food and who knows… maybe you can find some lost survivalist in the campground tycoon. More hands to work, faster growth for your idle island!

⚙️Optimizing your buildings and the resources that your survivalists get from them. Your survivors have just suffered the apocalypse so they will start from zero in the tycoon island. Your work will be to improve the initial conditions and get resources with a higher quality and you can get this while you improve the buildings to gather food and material

🤓Crafting better tools to produce faster in all your buildings. If you give better tools to your idle survivalists, you will gather food and material faster so you will be able to discover new lands to grow in a shorter time. Moreover, we help you to get a bigger growth for your campground tycoon but we will let you to discover it 😉

The final goal of this idle game is to discover the 4 islands that we have prepared for you and to do this mission, you will have to play this new tycoon game more and more! We have a global ranking where you will compete against other survivalists around the world! Being the best player of an idle game like this one that mixes survival and tycoon mechanics is not an easy mission but if you work hard, you will get this!

The best features of this tycoon game are:

👉Improve the buildings to get more resources than other survivalist
👉Research new technologies in the laboratory to grow faster in your campground tycoon
👉Trade with the merchant and get exclusive rewards for your idle island
👉Equip your survivalists with exclusive skins!!
👉Discover bigger islands and also new buildings that will help you to grow faster
👉Watch videos and get special rewards to grow faster a be the 1st player of the global ranking in this idle game!
👉Interact with the animals of the idle island to get a boost for feeding your survivalists
👉Summarizing, Take care of your survivalists to escape from the apocalypse and make their lives better!

All these incredible and funny things are waiting for you in Idle Island Tycoon, the best tycoon game of the year! There are many incremental games in the market but we are totally sure that Idle Island Tycoon is a new way to enjoy two types of mechanics at the same time! If you are a lover of tycoon games but you also love survival games, then Idle Island Tycoon is the best and new solution for you!

Download now and for free Idle Island Tycoon and start an idle adventure full of challenges and experiences!

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Idle Island Tycoon: Survival
Idle Island Tycoon: Survival

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