Eternal Return: Turn-based RPG 3.0.1

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Eternal Return: Turn-based RPG 3.0.1

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Eternal Return: Turn-based RPG 3.0.1







4.4 and up


December 13, 2021


Unlimited Gold

Kami battles have arrived to Eternal Return! Fight with your monsters in 3 vs. 3 battles over large boards. Use multiple attacks to defeat the dark Kamis and think of the best strategy to win, collect potions to purify the dark Kamis and make them join your team to travel the world finding new species!

The perpetual day has fallen upon the earth. Fight terrible monsters and yokai in the turn-based battles of Eternal Return, a turn-based strategy rpg. Use your hero’s magic and your Kami (pocket monster pets) magic to create the best strategy. Improve your weapons and magic thanks to card crawl.

Eternal Return’s battle system is similar to a board strategy rpg with turn-based battles. As you progress through dungeons, the monsters and bosses will become more and more powerful through almost infinite levels. Level up your hero, earn rewards and open chests to collect the game cards to improve your eternal sword and spells. This way you can choose between multiple types of weapons and attacks with the most diverse magic effects.

Follow a fantasy story in a world of anime style, dystopian and with an atmosphere of japanese rpg. You’ll have to defeat the sun queen and the yokai hordes, so as to recover the eternal return cycle. Eternal Return takes the best things of other rpgs and great turn-based strategy games. You’ll find multiple kami pets, magical monsters that fight for you. You can use them in turn-based battles, to defeat the most powerful monsters using their special magic. You can level up your Kami and teach them new attacks with very different effects that will allow you to define completely new fighting strategies.

You can play Eternal Return as an offline casual game, as your inventory is saved offline only a couple of features require connection. All the content of the game is available and can be obtained for free, it depends on your expertise and strategy that you get to unlock all the secrets. There is no limit of stamina or energy. Purchases are optional and useful to complete your collections faster.

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Eternal Return: Turn-based RPG
Eternal Return: Turn-based RPG

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