Merge Islands – Merge 3 Puzzle 1.0.0

Download Merge Islands - Merge 3 Puzzle 1.0.0 Mod Apk Latest Version by Vahala. com.valhala.mergeislands.
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Merge Islands - Merge 3 Puzzle 1.0.0

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Merge Islands - Merge 3 Puzzle 1.0.0







5.0 and up


December 24, 2021


You can buy everything in the shop even if the currency is 0.

Welcome to Merge Island, where you can explore an island filled with thrills and adventures!
In this unknown land, danger lurks around every corner. You must use your mysterious merging power to explore the island and return home.

What makes Merge Island unique:

A mysterious island:
This mysterious island is full of all manner of thrills and adventures. As you explore the island, clear away the dense mists and search for treasure! The more you explore, the more surprises you’ll uncover!

Nice Characters:
Merge and craft different items, and defeat the giant kraken Big Bob. You can save and make friends with different people on the island. Each new character can help you return home even faster.

Destroy and Merge:
Destroy anything blocking your way and find a path forward. Weeds, dead wood, boulders – these can all be broken down!
Collect everything you need from the island and merge wood, flowers, metal and other resources to gradually build yourself a suitable shelter on the island.

Easy and Fun Strategy:
Merging is fun and easy, but if you want to succeed, you’ll still need to use some strategy! You can choose to merge 3 items into 1, or collect more items to merge 5 into 2 for even more rewards. How to merge them is all up to you!

What are you waiting for? Download Merge Islands now and start exploring your island and finding your way home!
More information about the game will be forthcoming. Thank you for supporting Merge Islands!

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Merge Islands - Merge 3 Puzzle
Merge Islands - Merge 3 Puzzle

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